SNP-ASSO is Your Go-To Expert for Wildlife Control and Animal Removal


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How Do We Prevent The Animals From Returning? SNP-ASSO technicians will trap and remove animals that do not belong in your home. Once the animal is removed, the technician will perform an inspection to determine the point of entry and identify other potential points of entry, recommending the best method to prevent unwanted lodgers. In many cases, exclusion is required to prevent animals from re-entering a residence. In addition, the entries that one animal makes can be expanded upon and used by other animals that were not previously there. It is important to eliminate these entries with reliable construction techniques. SNP-ASSO technicians take great pride in their exclusion work. They make sure that entryways are completely covered and inaccessible to unwanted guests. In addition, SNP-ASSO technicians see to it that exclusions are as cosmetic as possible, tailoring shapes and colors of construction materials to match your home. We believe that the only thing that should be visible is your beautiful, pest-free home.

Are We Like Animal Control? We do not handle stray dogs, cats or other domestic animals. Please contact your local or county animal control.

Are We Licensed And Insured? Yes, we carry $3 million in General Liability and our employees are covered by Worker's Compensation.

Do We Have Set Pricing? No, each call is unique and requires a different solution each time.

Where Are We Located? We are currently in 7 states and growing fast. Check the locator map to find a city near you.

How Long Have We Been In Business? SNP-ASSO Inc. has been in business since 1984. Since that time we have grown and are currently providing wildlife removal services in 7 states Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas

Do We Service For Termites? No, but we are more than happy to refer you to a local professional in your area.

Do We Do Exclusion Work? Yes, we can seal your home to prevent wildlife from entering it through gaps in the eaves, siding, chimney, vents or other areas. Ask your local technician to follow up with you on a recommendation and estimate.