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"Just a note to praise your technician, Eric Russell. I have never had occasion to use your company before this Sunday morning. I came across an injured opossum in the street in our neighborhood. I could not find anyone to address the problem. I eventually found your website while trying to locate animal control. When Eric arrived I was impressed with his kind humane attitude. He took time to explain to me how injured animals were handled including observation, release and euthenasia. Eric seems most professional and seems to sincerely love his job and care for animals. When looking at your website, I found that Eric had another positive "testimonial". I hope this positive note finds its way to Eric Russell. More importantly, I hope the company recognizes what a capable, impressive young man it has employed and will encourage his advancement in your organization."....R.S. from Ft Myers, FL

Career Out of Personal Passion Just wanted to send this short note along to compliment Bryan Pearce … one of the most professional representatives of any company I have had the occasion to deal with in my life (and I am soon to be 55 years old). I have a potential armadillo problem that will need to most likely be resolved by professionals so anticipate calling Bryan this coming week if the armadillos return to again tear up my back yard. The professionalism in which he represented your company is to be applauded … you simply could not have a better representative in San Antonio. Bryan obviously has a great passion for his work which is a true blessing to anyone who can make a career out of a personal passion. Your company is blessed to have Bryan on your team … and I shall look forward to working with him should my armadillo problem return which I fully anticipate it will.... ~Ken F. San Antonio, Texas Praised as a Winner Gentlemen, Just want to let you know, Kevin Lunger should be recognized and praised as a winner. He went the extra mile. Actually, I don't think he thought he was doing anything special, but was simply doing what he normally does. These days, when everyone wants to take shortcuts, Kevin's actions are huge. He was very faithful in the small tasks, which means he will be faithful and trustworthy in much. He knocked down a very visible hornets nest that had been there for 2-3 years (too high for us to reach). Kevin knocked down spider webs. He checked for bait stations. He walked the perimeter of our house looking for gnawed critter entry. The previous technicians have all been very nice, but it is wonderful to feel we are truly being given attention. You may hear complaints from your customers, but some may be silently "complaining". If a better offer comes along, the "silent complainers" just might take a chance on change. It today's world, I would expect every customer to be valuable. Once lost, they may not return. Kevin needs to be applauded. Best regards, K. Shane, Alpharetta, GA

The Educated Rat is No Match for SNP-ASSO! We want you to know the service we received from your representative, David Simms, was exceptional! It took some determination and time to catch a skillful and pesky rat(that we all believed to have a rat PhD). David was persistent in tracking and changing bait until he succeeded in the mission. SNP-ASSO, you deliver what you advertise! We thank you. L.S. .....Lawrenceville, GA

A Letter of Praise "This is to praise your Florida technician Eric Russell, who just completed the rat exclusion on our house. The efficacy of that expensive job remains to be seen, but Mr. Russell impressed us as a remarkably knowledgeable, resourceful, and personable fellow, determined to do the best possible job. You're fortunate to have him in your employ." ...S.B.- Naples, FL

A Good Catch "Just wanted to compliment your excellent technician Scott Umphenour on a great job in catching a couple rats in our home. He was always on time, courteous and worked hard to get the problem solved. Scott is a good 'catch' for your company."....R.K.B.-Longwood, FL

Be Careful Who You Hire "I made the mistake of hiring another company for my squirrel problem. I was embarrased by the man's appearance having him on my property. Then he hurt himself while he was there and because he didn't have insurance, we had to pay his medical expenses. To top it off, we still had squirrels. We were then referred to SNP-ASSO by a neighbor. What a difference! They sent out a very professional Wildlife Biologist who humanely solved our squirrel problem. We also had them seal up the holes in our roof so no more squirrels could get in. I recommend SNP-ASSO to everyone now. They really are professionals and worth every penny we paid them. ".......Hunter Edwards

Impossible Cat Rescue "I just wanted to praise your employee Brian Gollner. I have been meaning to do this for quite some time, but just haven't gotten around to it. Brian helped rescue our cat from an almost impossible situation. He worked and worked and worked..... until he got her for us. She had been in the attic for 6 weeks when we finally realized that we needed professional help. Brian was extremely patient and extremely professional. He went out to our house sometimes 2-3 times a day to see if he had caught her and to ensure that she was safe. We had moved out of the house, so we had no way of ensuring her safety other than traveling almost an hour daily to check on her. Brian was such a welcome relief when he took it upon himself to find her no matter what. I appreciate so much the fact that your company stands by its guarantee of rescue or your money back. I had no idea how much it would take to get our cat, but Brian was faithful in continuing to try! He came out 1-3 times a day to check the traps for over a week!!!! Finally, he caught her. We were so thrilled that we could have our sweet cat with us. I will highly recommend your company and especially Brian Gollner to anyone with animal control issues. Thank you for being one of the few companies who continues to be competent and professional. " ~Jenny Barham

General Testimonials

“SNP-ASSO Tech’s are very good, very knowledgeable, very efficient and helpful!”

“I smelled an offensive odor in a closet of our master bedroom, a SNP-ASSO Technician, later identified the odor, cleaned the area and found two additional rats; I would like to commend SNP-ASSO for sending a knowledgeable, capable and conscientious employee to my home.”

“I’ve been very happy with SNP-ASSO Inc., they have the best customer service, and are very flexible to my schedule.”

“I was having a rat problem at my rental property, I called SNP-ASSO Inc. and they came right out. They come out once a month and if I have any problems all I have to do is call.”

“SNP-ASSO is very dependable.”

“SNP-ASSO, Inc. Has taken care of many things on my property, such as, pest removal, yellow jacket burrows in the lawn, and some bat issues. They do great work that’s why we contract with them all year long.”

"SNP-ASSO, Inc. is a great company that is reliable, always on time, and does fantastic work.”

“I got their number from a friend, and they were able to come out that very same day, I was having a rat problem and SNP-ASSO took care of it right away. They still treat the perimeter of my property because I don’t want to take the risk of getting rats again; I was so embarrassed that I had rats.”

“I’ve had rats and squirrels in my home; SNP-ASSO comes out once a month and handles my issues with these pests. I am very satisfied and I think they do a great job; Thanks, SNP-ASSO Inc!” “I think they do an excellent job, they come when they say they will come and will be back out when I need them again.”

“I have SNP-ASSO for my monthly maintenance and they are always on time and are very good.”

"SNP-ASSO is very accommodating to my schedule, they come to my house quarterly and they are always willing to come before or after work so I can be there with them.”

“When you have a situation such as rats, you want someone there in a hurry. SNP-ASSO was there in a hurry, I couldn’t be any happier with what they have done for my home in exterminating my rat problem. I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

“I had three different types of pests, and what ever it was, SNP-ASSO came in and saved the day. They were very thorough and were right on schedule. We recommend them to everyone.”

“I recommend them to everyone I know, I had company coming to town and I had a terrible smell coming from the wall in the guest room. I called SNP-ASSO and they came right out. I don’t know what I would have done if they weren’t there to save my weekend with the in-laws! Thanks, SNP-ASSO, I really thank you.”