SNP-ASSO is Your Go-To Expert for Wildlife Control and Animal Removal


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Continuous Business Since 1984

5 Decades of Experience

Provides Service From Coast to Coast

Recommended by County & State Wildlife and Health Agencies

Fully Licensed and Insured

We have stood the Tru test of time with a long history of quality services and a high standard of professionalism. Incorporated in 1984, and our CEO has been in the industry for five decades. SNP-ASSO provides wildlife removal and pest control service in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Leading pest control companies, universities and numerous county and state agencies routinely recommend our services. SNP-ASSO provides solutions for all of your WILDLIFE and PEST control problems. SNP-ASSO is fully licensed with the Department of Agriculture and The Department of Natural Resources. Workers Compensation Insurance and Liability Certificates are available upon request. For your protection, never risk dealing with any company that is not fully insured.

Our Mission

SNP-ASSO’s mission is to deliver the finest quality wildlife removal and pest control service that is safe for the environment. We protect people from the hazards of nuisance wildlife in their homes or business. Our goal is to solve your problems while ensuring animals are treated in a humane and ethical way when removed. “The purpose of every employee at SNP-ASSO Inc. is to earn the confidence of the people we serve, by offering solutions to their evolving needs, always challenging ourselves to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction.” -Lenny Beck: President, SNP-ASSO, Inc.

Management Team

Not only do our customers have direct communication with our technicians, but also to our entire staff including; District Managers, Regional Managers, Operation Managers, General Manager, Vice President and President. With an extensive professional staff like SNP-ASSO’s, you can rest assured your wildlife and pest control problems are resolved to your satisfaction.

SNP-ASSO Inc. is your source for Pest Control and Removal along with Animal and Wildlife Control. We offer services for the following: Bats, Bees, Hornets, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Squirrels, Raccoons, Snakes, Coyotes, Beavers, Rats, Mice, Skunks, Opossums, Voles, Moles, Chipmunks, Birds, Armadillos, Foxes, Honeybee Comb Removal, Insulation Replacement, Dead Animal Removal, Exclusion Services and more.